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"Ninihill´s Standardpoodles - lovely & happy standardpoodles"
Ninihill's Kennel is breeding black and white Standard Poodles for show & pethomes.
In the spring 2008 we became co-owner to a wonderful & lovely black dwarfpoodle girl.  She will be in the showring later this year.
We have passion for the standardpoodles. Our biggest interests is showing. We travel in Sweden & Europe to show our poodles. We both wants to be professional handlers.
Few years ago I was in car accidents and get whiplash two times. This problems are still there, unfortunately. But I got lots of help of my nice fiancee & my nice parents look after our poodles when we´re on showtrips. It´s lovely to be a part of the poodles, we get lots of moments to laugh and they always make us happy.
The Ninihill's Kennel breeds puppies in a loving home environment which is situated in Bjärnum, 16 km north of Hässleholm (in the South of Sweden).
It has been both sad things and good things along the way from our breedingstart but we have learned a lot of this.
I have my work at home, dog grooming - saloon & I´m work for an insurance company too. So my dogs are almost never home all alone.
I have goal for the future and it´s striving to breed healty, sound good dogs with good temprament and correct type and expression and of course with lots of style and attitude.
We only try to breed with healthy and sound dogs. We striving for better and better standardpoodles in each litters. We plan our litters very carefully and long time before it´s time to bred. We will only have puppies when we can have the think it can give something special for the breed.
When you breed you can never give a guarantee that a puppy will be a guaranteed show dog cause it´s living animals we work with. That´s why we sell all puppies as a pets and only put show aspects into co-ownership. We can only say if they looks promising - that´s important for you to know as a puppy buyer.
We help our puppy buyers in the best possible way; we arrange obedience training, ring training (for shows) with good professional handlers and provide grooming with professional leaders.
We want to keep the contact with the buyer even after the puppies have moved to their new homes. It´s important to us to know that all is going well and to see how the offsprings developing.
The latest years we have learned more and more and that´s important for the breed.
We have go through the anatomy & judgement course for the judge Cindy Petterson, Sweden.
I have learned a lot about grooming and handling of a very good breeder & handler here in Sweden. He has learned us a lot. We´re so greatful for that! BIG THANKS! You´re gold for us.
For moment we have started on a breeder course at the North Scania kennelclub. It´s important to learn more and more and to be updated with news.
We only sell dogs to serious people that can provide the poodle a loving home. We do not sell to agents!  We avoid all people that talk a lots about others & try to disturb for other persons.
"We work for making the breed better"
If you´re interested in a puppy from us please feel free to contact us.
We follow the breed rules of the Swedish Kennelclub and
the Swedish Poodleclub.
We have approved breeder name of the FCI since 2001.
Member of:
Swedish kennel club
Swedish Poodle club
Danish Poodle Club