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Here we present our poodles that have walked over the rainbow bridge.
This dogs have meant a lot to us and we miss them so much.
This dogs will always be in our minds.
 Rest in peace.




Flåsmyrens White Superman Princeling "Plutten"
Sire: Flåsmyrens White Frenrice Prince
Dam: Park-Avenue Exclusive Lady


Plutten was my second standardpoodle, a son of my first standard "Prince". Plutten was a very special dog. He was shown with nice critiques and championqualities. He was a real good obedience dog but most of all he was a real watch dog. Plutten has very easy to learn and was always happy and loved me, he always run free and never left my side. He was a really good friend that never let me down.
This dog will I always remember cause he got a very special place in my heart. Misses you forever.
Run free at Rainbow bridge.



LP Flåsmyrens White Frenrice Prince "Prince"
Sire: Beatch-Boy
Dam: Brammarps Mitzie


Prince was my first standardpoodle ever. He was very successful at obedience and he really liked the agility. I started to show Prince for the first time when he was 7years old, the last time he was shown, he was almost 13years old. It went very well. Prince was 16years old when he leave us. I miss him so much...I can feel the feeling even today how it feel when he passaed away.
Prince was the poodle that wake up my big love and interest for the the standard poodles breed.
Run free at Rainbow bridge.