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This year has come to the end of 2007. We have get a very nice year with lots of success in the showrings and we have learned a lot.
Wilma has become "Standardpoodle of the year in Denmark", Danish Champion, Copenhagen winner-07, Danish Jubileum winner-07 and get swedish CAC. Totally get 3CACIB.
Rozze was Danish Jubileum winner -07, got 3CAC in Germany & totally he got 3 CACIB. Rozze has became Danish Champion too.
We have our guest from Carla & Nathalie, Kaylen´s Boy At Nathalies that we pick up in end of October. He is bred to our homebred Saga and he is shown one time with excellent critique and ended 4th best male.
We want to thank all persons that have make this possible for us. We want to thank all our lovely and nice breedingfriends all around world too!!!
You´re gold for us. Love you!

Swedish kennelclub show in Stockholm, Nordish winner show 15th december 2007

Ninihill´s Kayleen To Believe "Wilma" was 3rd best openbitch with CK ( cahmpionquality) of 16 open bitches.
She got very nice critique.
Excellent female with lovely proportions & a wonderful attitude, feminin lovely head and a very excellent expression, Good neck and front, Very well devoloped chest and body. Perfect tail, very well angulated, She is lovely in movements, she carrie herself very well. Love her. Wellpresented/Juha Kares


Danish Poodle club show, Lund, Horsens 25th November 2007

Ninihill´s Reason To Go GetÉm "Rozze" won openclass and ended as 2nd best male with CAC and became


Judge: Cathrine Lawton-Anderson, Great Britain


VDH in Hannover 28th Otober 2007 - International CACIB Show

Ninihill´s Reason To Go GetÉm "Rozze" won best male with CAC CACIB and ended up as BOB - Best of Breed.
BOS to the right was Ahornstreet Princess, owned by our friends at the Ahornstreet Poodles, Liane and Hansi.


Judge: Mrs Ute Hensen, Germany


Danish Kennelklubb in Bröndby 16th September 2007 - Copenhagen winner show 2007

Ninihill´s Kayleen To Believe "Wilma" won championclass and ended best bitch with CACIB, BOB and get the titel KBHV-07.

To the left Lena & Chivas, BOS & to the right Wilma & Nina BOB

Ninihill´s Reason To Go GetÉm "Rozze" won intermediaclass with CK and ended as 2nd best male and got his 2nd CAC for the danish champion, he got the R-CACIB too. Very lovely presented again of his handler Anders.


Judge: Mrs Nina Karlsdotter, Sweden


Danish Kennelklubb in Vejen 12th August 2007

Ninihill´s Kayleen To Believe "Wilma" did it one more time CAC, CACIB & BOS and is now

Ninihill´s Reason To Go GetÉm "Rozze" was very nice handled by Anders and won CAC, CACIB & BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Judge: Mrs Ann Joe Sampaio, Brasilia


Danish Poodle club show in Korsor 29juli 2007

Wilma did it again...she is unbelievable!
Ninihill´s Kayleen To Believe "Wilma" won openclass with CK, ended as best bitch with CAC & BOS. 


Ninihill´s Reason To Go GetÉm "Rozze" was 2nd best openmale with  CK and ended as 3rd best male. Judge: Betsey Leady, USA.


Swedish kennelclub international show 14juli 2007 in Tvaaker

Ninihill´s Kayleen To Believe "Wilma" 2nd best intermedia bitch with CK, ended a 5th best bitch & Ninihill´s Cadillac Girl "Kylia" won juniorclass with CK and ended as 3rd best bitch..

Ninihill´s Reason To Go GetÉm "Rozze" was 3rd best intermedia male with HP.
Judge: Kresten Scheel, Danmark


Swedish kennel club nationel show 13juli 2007 i Tvaaker

Ninihill´s Kayleen To Believe "Wilma" won intermedia class with CK, ended as 2nd best bitch.
Ninihill´s Reason To Go GetÉm "Rozze" was 2nd best intermedia male with CK and ended as 4th best male proudle presented by his handler Anders.


Swedish kennel club international show  1st July 2007 in Boras 

She did it again!!!
Ninihill´s Kayleen To Believe "Wilma" won best bitch class with CAC, CACIB and ended as BOS.

Judge: Ron Mc Auley, GB


Great results was it for Wilma´s sister Ninihill´s Reason To Copyright "Saga" that was placd directly behind Wilma as 2nd best intermedia bitch with CK and her brother Ninihill´s Reason To Go Get´´Em "Rozze" 2nd best intermedia male with HP that was shown for first time of Anders.
Congratulations to Petra with Ninihill´s Cadillac Girl "Kylia" too that was 2nd best juniorbitch with HP.


To the right: Anders & Rozze


Best breedergroup with HP - standardpoodles too.
Critique: All very similar all short coupled When going around the ring they all have the same good movements Would be pleased to say I bred them Best group/Ron McAuley, GB


Danish kennelclub show in Ballerup, 17th June 2007
Ninihill´s Kayleen To Believe "Wilma" won best bitch class with CAC, CACIB and ended as BOS. We´re so happy for this wonderful girl!
Thanks for a wonderful day & all congratulations from all breederfriends!
Judge: Ana Beatrize Knoll, Brasilia



VDH & DPK show in Holstenhallen, Germany 2-3th june 2007
Ninihill´s Reason To Go GetÉm best male with VDH-CAC & DPK-CAC both days. On the sunday international show he got the CACIB too.
Judge: Mrs Simon & Mr Wahlter, Germany
More photos in the gallery.




Swedish poodle club show in Hassleholm 20th May 2007
Ninihill´s Kayleen To Believe "Wilma" won intermediaclass with CK and ended as 4th best bitch.
With 1st price at the show and concurrence placements get even Ninihill´s Reason To Copyright, Ninihill´s Reason To Go GetÉm, Ninihill´s Challenger & Ninihill´s Cadillac Girl.
Judge: Toshinori Omura, Japan


Best breedergroup with HP - standardpoodles and ended as BIS 2 Breeder Group



Swedish kennel club show  19th May 2007 in Hassleholm 
Our friends Liane and Hansi from Germany got their AMCH LUXCH Kaylens Repeat Performance to SUCH. He got CAC, BOB & ended as BIG 5 in the finaltings at the evening.
Judge: Mikael Nilsson



Swedish kennel club show 18th May  2007 in Hassleholm
Ninihill´s Reason To Copyright "Saga" got 3rd est bitch in intermediaclass with championquality(CK) BIG CONGRATULATIONS PATRICIA!
Ninihill´s Kayleen To Believe "Wilma" 4th best bitch in intermedia with HP 
Ninihill´s Cadillac Girl "Kylia" 1st price in juniorclass
Ninihill´s Challenger "Gabana" 1st price in juniorclass and ended as 2nd best junior
Judge: Borghild E Moen, Norway



Swedish kennelclub Swedish winner show -07 13th May 2007 in österbybruk
Ninihill´s Kayleen To Believe "Wilma" won her class, intermedia with Championquality and ended as 5th best bitch.
Judge: Cindy Pettersson, Sweden



Swedish kennelclub show  6th May 2007 in Larv
Ninihill´s Kayleen To Believe "Wilma" was 2nd best youngster with Championquality
Judge: John Clark, New Zealand



Danish Kennel  Club 29th April 2007 International show Hilleröd
Ninihill´s Reason To Go GetÉm "Rozze" won the juniorclass with Championquality and are now qualified for CRUFTS -08.



Ninihill´s Kayleen To Believe "Wilma" won her juniorclass to with HP.
Judge: Peter Machetanz, Germany


Swedish Kennel Club 18th March 2007 International show Malmö
Ninihill´s Kayleen To Believe "Wilma" went 2nd best bitch in youngsterclass with championquality and ended as 4th best bitch.
Ninihill´s Reason To Copyright "Saga" went 4th best bitch in youngsterclass.
Judge: Milivoje Urosevic, Serbien & Montenegro


Swedish Poodle Club show 10th March in Nittorp
Ninihill´s Reason To Copyright went 4th best female in youngsterclass with HP (Honourprize)
Judge: Eva Borg, Sweden


Swedish Kennel Club 6th January 2007 MY DOG Gothenburg
Ninihills Reason To Go GetÉm "Rozze" went best junior male with championquality and ended up as 5# Best male.
Ninihill´s Kayleen To Believe "Wilma" won the juniorclass again.
We´re so proud of this dogs!
Congratulations to Patricia & Ninihill´s reason To Copyright "Saga" for their 3rd place with HP in the juniorclass.
Judge: Rodi Hubenthal, Norway